Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Appreciating Nature

Aside from painting,drawing, arts & crafts..i also love photography. Everytime my digital camera is with me, i will always look for opportunity to get a picture of a subject that i really love..i know that only through photographs that i can capture that very moments of beauty. Everyday is different when you look at nature through lens..it moves & it changes.
It was summer in Chicago, my husband and i decided to have some time out with our friends. We were very excited because i know for sure that i will get to see wonderful and beautiful things. It was our first time in Chicago Botanic Garden and i'm very glad that i took the time to capture these gorgeous flowers during our visit there last year..i appreciate God's creation much more everytime i take the moment to stare at them and look for a great angle to capture its beauty...These are just few of my flower photos, i made them a little brighter to show their details..wish i have a DSLR.=) i'll be posting some of my sunset collection next time..=)
Have a great week!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


   i am finally doing this posting..im catching up its Oct 2 already..huh!=)...ive been very busy this week. Im happy though because we visited my in laws last weekend and had bonding time with them...i actually made this last month and still on the process of creating more to have  my 'Pattern Collection' ..these are some of them. hope you like it.=)..
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