Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Appreciating Nature

Aside from painting,drawing, arts & crafts..i also love photography. Everytime my digital camera is with me, i will always look for opportunity to get a picture of a subject that i really love..i know that only through photographs that i can capture that very moments of beauty. Everyday is different when you look at nature through lens..it moves & it changes.
It was summer in Chicago, my husband and i decided to have some time out with our friends. We were very excited because i know for sure that i will get to see wonderful and beautiful things. It was our first time in Chicago Botanic Garden and i'm very glad that i took the time to capture these gorgeous flowers during our visit there last year..i appreciate God's creation much more everytime i take the moment to stare at them and look for a great angle to capture its beauty...These are just few of my flower photos, i made them a little brighter to show their details..wish i have a DSLR.=) i'll be posting some of my sunset collection next time..=)
Have a great week!


  1. How beautiful they are! You took great pics from nature!
    Your blog is so lovely, thanks for sharing and hope to see your sunset collection soon!

    Have a very nice weekend!

  2. hi there!im still new to blogging and it makes me smile when i see new follower signed in to my blog..thanks for dropping by..i will post my sunset collection soon..

    have a great week=)


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