Monday, February 14, 2011

CREATE: making memories...

Just thought of sharing what made me busy this month.... Making memories =) Every year we all make effort to have that special moments with our loved ones and one of those is the month of LOVE -February-...

with the help of my creative tools that loves to
make memories and sketch pad...
i decided to
make my handmade Valentine's cards...

look how messy my working table was..hahaha!!!but seriously, these were the moments
that i can relax despite of being busy thinking, creating, and designing my cards..=) i love it!


Below are the Handmade Valentine Cards that i made and sell during our Valentine's devotional at church..


these cards were sold out =) It was a fun experience and I was so encouraged.

Hope you also has something creative to share this Valentine's day.
Have a great day!=)

IMAGINE: a valentine shell...

I fell in love with this tiny one of a kind shell that we bought during our honeymoon in Cebu last 2009.. it was so surprising to see a small heart on the left side of this shell..did you see it? Isn't this creature amazing?!..God really is the Master of all creativity. He shows His love even to this beautiful shell.
This Valentines season is a great reminder of love for each other but most of all let us be reminded of God's love for us=) .
Happy Love Day!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

good finds

Hello there! it's been a while...again..haha!
I really miss my blog..actually (hmmm..excuses?!) i'm signing in once in a while to check out and read my favorite blogs and browse on my old post but not really posting new stuff..=( 
December 2010 was a very busy month for me.There were lots of gatherings and parties while attending to my active baby who just turned one last Jan 23=). Just want to share a bit about him, my little baby started to walk one week before his birthday!=) My husband and i were so thrilled and excited for many new stuff he will try to do soon and he really does now.. just a thought, time really flies so fast and today is February of 2011 already! hayyyy!
Meanwhile, i just want to share my new addition to my supplies. These three baskets really made my day when i went to Divisoria last November. I was there to buy some artsy stuff for my friend's wedding favors. Then i decided to drop by at one of handicraft store..not really sure what to buy that time..just looking around and i bumped into these 3 pieces baskets on the side.It was not really on display 'coz these were their last pieces and the vendor gave it to me for only P70..=) was really a good deal and these will surely be part of my arts and crafts stuff...

 now my fancy flowers have their place to stay ..=) Have a great week everyone!

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