Tuesday, July 1, 2014

CREATE: 'Our' wedding invitation

The wedding month is over! This is kinda late but i just want to share this anyway.
I was looking at some of my craft boxes then i saw these wedding invitations that i'd created for my siblings. Of course i made our own wedding invitation too. We are now on our 5th year as husband & wife and we have two cute little boys. I always thank God for letting me meet my wonderful husband. Being married to him is a blessing from the Lord. I know that even before we got engaged it was already in my dream wedding list that i will design & make my own wedding invitation (top: in turquoise), our wedding favors, i designed my own wedding gown and our cake. I love to be involved in everything especially in designing and creating things for our wedding.  But I never thought that actually preparing and doing it was really tiring and exhausting but of course i was very excited then. Thank God my husband was there all through out and one of my best friend that helped me with other things especially during the wedding ceremony. Anyway, i was just saying that it was my joy that i was able to create my sibling's invitations and their wedding favors as well. I also hosted the reception of my twin brother's wedding. I believe they're happy and encouraged that i made it for them haha!!!i know!.. (they thanked me=)).. i actually volunteered =). It was also my way of helping them checked out one of their "to do list". I had a lot of fun doing it... For the love of  family!

Welcome July!

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