Sunday, November 21, 2010

A special day!

3 in 1 birthday card


Last friday was my dear husband's birthday!So i surprised him with a cake,gifts and my handmade card to encourage him.(my personal card for him is not posted yet)

I made this one so our friends can write their greetings and encouragements too...


This is a 3-in-1 card..i thought it would be convenient to hold just one piece of card with lots of spaces to write. I cut 3 different sizes of cards. Put embellishment on each. Then i used a puncher to make 2 holes on the side to tie them together using raffia and added beads on it. To add more space, i made an extra pocket at the back of the card with small pieces of plain tags. Easy? You can try it too..                                                                              

So I passed this card around before our church gathering starts while Eugene was busy talking to other brothers but unfortunately he noticed it..hahaha! but still I was so glad that it was all filled up with so much encouragements from our friends.He was excited to find out and read what they wrote for him....we get to celebrate his birthday together with the group and sang the famous birthday song for his special day.Thank you to all who made my husband's birthday memorable=)

Happy birthday my dear!(",)


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