Monday, February 14, 2011

CREATE: making memories...

Just thought of sharing what made me busy this month.... Making memories =) Every year we all make effort to have that special moments with our loved ones and one of those is the month of LOVE -February-...

with the help of my creative tools that loves to
make memories and sketch pad...
i decided to
make my handmade Valentine's cards...

look how messy my working table was..hahaha!!!but seriously, these were the moments
that i can relax despite of being busy thinking, creating, and designing my cards..=) i love it!


Below are the Handmade Valentine Cards that i made and sell during our Valentine's devotional at church..


these cards were sold out =) It was a fun experience and I was so encouraged.

Hope you also has something creative to share this Valentine's day.
Have a great day!=)


  1. i love the set of cards with black and red embellishments. very classy :D but everything is lovable. no wonder you sold them all out! great work Jhoanna!

  2. wow! i miss u here..=))..and i miss u in person (hugs) blog turns one year today=) so happy!thanks a lot!..


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