Tuesday, February 1, 2011

good finds

Hello there! it's been a while...again..haha!
I really miss my blog..actually (hmmm..excuses?!) i'm signing in once in a while to check out and read my favorite blogs and browse on my old post but not really posting new stuff..=( 
December 2010 was a very busy month for me.There were lots of gatherings and parties while attending to my active baby who just turned one last Jan 23=). Just want to share a bit about him, my little baby started to walk one week before his birthday!=) My husband and i were so thrilled and excited for many new stuff he will try to do soon and he really does now.. just a thought, time really flies so fast and today is February of 2011 already! hayyyy!
Meanwhile, i just want to share my new addition to my supplies. These three baskets really made my day when i went to Divisoria last November. I was there to buy some artsy stuff for my friend's wedding favors. Then i decided to drop by at one of handicraft store..not really sure what to buy that time..just looking around and i bumped into these 3 pieces baskets on the side.It was not really on display 'coz these were their last pieces and the vendor gave it to me for only P70..=)..it was really a good deal and these will surely be part of my arts and crafts stuff...

 now my fancy flowers have their place to stay ..=) Have a great week everyone!


  1. baket ba kasi ang layo ng divi sa binan, hay! nice to be here again Jhoanna! happy blogging! :D
    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  2. hahaha!sori naman=)...thanks for dropping by Jona.I saw your heartifying website..kaganda lng..hehe!love the style=)


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