Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ART, Me & my baby

Its a wonderful feeling seeing my son enjoying the talent God has given him. As soon as he found out about this Android App Picasso he never fails to draw anything in a day. Can you guess how many drawing he has now? ...One thousand four hundred plus (",) huh! a lot! the storage of my phone is almost full because of that but of course I am happy because he is happy. I'm so glad that i got this for him it's so easy to use that my baby can't wait to get his forefinger on and started doodling (he was about 3 years old when he had his first doodle). of the best Art App for kids. I started introducing him to arts and crafts at a very young age i think he's 2 years old then; we had watercolor painting time, stamping using rubber & vegetables, cutting different shapes and objects.  I know from the very start that he is into arts, extremely talented kid..i just knew it (",) ha ha! Of course I'm proud of my baby. He's 5 years old now and learning so many things around him. He's fond of cars, city, roads & construction. Sometimes he draw what he remembered from our travel; mountains, sea, buildings or just about anything. I'm really excited of what he will draw next. 
Hope you are having a creative week so far!=)

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