Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CREATE: My Pom Pom Heart

I almost forgot to post this cute heart shaped pom pom that i personally created for our Valentine's Party last year in our church. I thought of using my left over materials so it will be much cheaper..i only bought the Japanese paper here. I decided to make one sided heart shaped pom pom only so i used a styropor as the base to avoid wasting or using so many Japanese paper as compare to a whole heart shaped pom pom. Its not as light as the 'all paper' pom pom though but it worked well for me and it saved me some money.(Please See Instructions below)


1. Materials: red japanese paper, scissors, glue, ribbon or string & heart shaped styropor
2.Cut the Japanese paper into small strips.
3. Apply glue on the styropor.
4. Fold each strip in half then gently stick the center fold onto the surface.
5. Stick on the next strip close to each other to create volume.
6. Continue Step no. 5 until you fill up the surface of the styropor.
7. Paste the remaining red japanese paper strips on the side of the styropor to create a clean look then put a ribbon behind it for hanging to finish the heart shaped pom pom.

Since Valentine's Day is over maybe you can make this for your next party.
HAPPY LOVE MONTH!!!!  still...(^ ^,)

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